The Best Gas Grills for Sale in Indianapolis

The backyard barbecue is an important part of the American landscape, and its success can be attributed to having a great barbecue grill to cook your mouthwatering dishes with. Gas grills offer the convenience and ease of lighting your grill quickly and having it ready for any meal. While charcoal grills are said to impart some of the best backyard barbeque flavors.

BBQ & Gas Grills in Indianapolis
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If you are interested in buying a new grill for your home, O’Malia’s offers a wide selection of BBQ and gas grills from many top manufacturers. In the greater Indianapolis area, stop by our outdoor furniture store today, and we will assist you with your purchase. You can also call us at 317-846-6812 to learn more about the different types of BBQ and gas grills we offer.

Why Buy Gas Grills from O’Malia’s

With the myriad of choices available, the entire process of buying a BBQ or gas grill can be overwhelming for someone who is new to grilling. Known for its “family-style” service, O’Malia’s can help you shop for the best charcoal and gas grills without getting burnt during the entire buying process.

Aside from providing you a smooth and a fuss-free transaction, we will also help you learn about your new charcoal or gas grill and provide tips on how you can achieve the perfect barbecue.

BBQ & Gas Grills We Carry

A true INDY Original, O’Malia’s Outdoor Living offers one of the largest selections of patio furniture, grills, and outdoor fireplaces in the Midwest. We have exclusive access to some of the most prestigious product lines within the grilling industry. We carry premium brands of gas grills and charcoal grills, so you are assured of quality workmanship and performance.

The most popular grill we sell is the Big Green Egg, and for good reason. It is a ceramic kamado grill that can practically do everything – it can be a grill, a brick oven, or a convection oven all in one nifty device.

Aside from the Big Green Egg, we also offer the following brands:

  • Broilmaster
  • Twin Eagles
  • Delta Heat
  • Del Sol

Choosing the Best Grill

O’Malia’s Outdoor Living offers a variety of types of grills to fit every lifestyle.

There are so many things to take into consideration when buying a grill. Is the grill going to be used most often for family or a large party? Do you need additional features such as a griddle or a side burner? Do you plan to live in your house for several years, and is a permanent installation feasible or do you need a grill you can take with you when you move? Are you having trouble deciding whether to get a charcoal or a gas grill?

Big Green Egg & Gas Grills in Indianapolis
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There are a lot of factors to consider, however, one of our store specialists can help guide you into buying the barbecue grill that’s perfect for your needs.

Shop Our Selection of Charcoal & Gas Grills in Indianapolis

If you are looking for the best in premium charcoal and gas grills in the Greater Indianapolis area, drop by outdoor furniture store today to see the wide selection of premium grills we have available. You may also contact us at 317-846-6812 to talk to our sales associates and to learn more.