Premium Gas Line Installation in the Greater Indianapolis Area

So you finally decided to upgrade your outdoor living space and made the move to purchase an outdoor fireplace or a barbecue grill. There is just one last thing you need to do before you can fully enjoy your renovated outdoor space, and that is a gas line installation.

Gas Line Installation Service in Indianapolis
Gas Line Installation for BBQ Grills

If you need to have a gas line installed outdoors, whether for a BBQ grill, gas lamp, outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or more, O’Malia’s can help. In the Greater Indianapolis area, contact us at 317-846-6812 to schedule a quick and hassle-free service appointment or come by our outdoor furniture store today to learn more.

Why You Need to Hire a Gas Line Installation Pro

When it comes to gas line installations it is important to hire an experienced professional. Not every contractor knows enough to safely install a gas line, and it takes special skills and tools that can only come from years of experience in the industry.

Gas leaks pose a threat to you and your family as well as your property. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your gas line is properly installed, and there is no room for any margin of error. Hiring a professional gas line installer removes the risk of having a faulty installation procedure that could lead to gas leaks.

Also, you need to hire a professional so you can protect your outdoor assets. Your outdoor fireplace, firepit, and gas grills all come at a price, and you can ensure that you will be able to use them for a long time by having the gas line properly installed. Hiring a professional for gas line installation ensures that you receive high quality workmanship and help prevent any future safety issues and problems.

Expert Gas Line Installation Services Throughout Central Indiana

For gas installation done right, contact O’Malia’s Outdoor Living. Aside from sourcing and selling premium outdoor furniture and equipment, we also provide gas line installation services for outdoor fireplaces, BBQ grills, gas lamps, fire pits, and more. Known for our “family-style” kind of service, our professionals will service your outdoor equipment quickly and efficiently, without disrupting your household’s normal routine.

Contact Us for Professional Gas Line Installation Services

When it comes to gas line installation, you might consider saving on installation costs by doing it on your own or by hiring a handyman to do it for you. However, this low-cost solution could actually cost you more in the long run. Since gas is a very unpredictable and a highly flammable substance, a gas line could pose danger if installed by an untrained person.

Gas Line Installation Services in Indianapolis
Indianapolis Gas Line Installation Service

To ensure a safe and secure gas line installation, have it done by a professional that has a track record of providing quality outdoor service. You can never go wrong with hiring O’Malia’s Outdoor Living for your gas line installation needs. Having been in this industry for 50 years, we have the technical skills, tools, and knowledge to successfully install your gas line. Simply call our outdoor furniture store today for more information!