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If you are thinking of replacing your old heating and cooling system, consider getting a heat pump. Heat pumps have something more to offer to homeowners and businesses because they are an all-in-one HVAC equipment option that is capable of producing both heated and cooled air, depending on what the season is.

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If you are considering purchasing a heat pump for your Indianapolis home, O’Malia’s Comfort Living can provide expert assistance when it comes to the purchase of heat pumps. Contact our HVAC company by calling 317-846-6812 or come by our store in Carmel, Indiana to learn more about our complete selection of heat pumps available.

Heat Pumps 101

Put simply, heat pumps extract the hot air inside a home and move it outside during summer, and do the exact opposite when winter comes. The advantage of a heat pump over a furnace is the way it provides warmth inside a room. A furnace needs to consume energy in order to generate heat, while a heat pump merely moves the heat from the outside air to inside the home. This makes the latter more energy-efficient.

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Generally, there are two types of heat pumps: the air source heat pump and the geothermal heat pump. An air source heat pump draws heat from the outside air and is the one that is most commonly used. On the other hand, a geothermal heat pump draws heat from geothermal energy stored underground. The latter is more energy-efficient, but the upfront costs tend to be larger.

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An INDY Original, O’Malia’s Comfort Living has been providing premium HVAC services in the Greater Indianapolis Metropolitan Area for many years and has taken an active part in the local community as well. Here are just a few reasons why many residents have chosen us when it comes to their heating and cooling needs:

  • We sell high quality heat pumps that are manufactured by Heil: The heat pumps we sell are also energy-efficient, enjoy a high Energy Star rating, and leave a very small carbon footprint.
  • We help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best heat pump for your home according to your needs and requirements: We always come up with accurate sizing requirements in order for our customers to achieve the best results.
  • We provide professional installation throughout the Greater Indianapolis Metropolitan area: Our service area includes Hamilton, Marion, Boone, Hendricks, Madison, Johnson, Hancock, Howard, Shelby, and Morgan counties. Having a professional install ensures optimal use and higher longevity of the product.

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O’Malia’s Comfort Living is known for its “family-style” service. As a customer, you can expect our sales staff and installers to treat you like part of the family and to respect your time by arriving promptly as scheduled. All of our dedicated staff—from the sales representative down to the installers are professional and trustworthy. We have an unparalleled and uncompromising professional work ethic that has made us the HVAC company of choice for many Indianapolis area residents.

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For a quick assessment of your heating and cooling needs and to find out if a heat pump is an energy-efficient option for you, please call us at 317-846-6812 or drop by our HVAC company store today.