Whole House Humidifier: Relieve Winter Congestion

Heil Whole House Humidifier

When winter comes, the air becomes dry. Our sinuses start to flare up, and our skin gets dry and flaky. Our eyes become watery and our lips become chapped. If the transition to colder weather is affecting your family’s health, a whole house humidifier may be able to help. A whole house humidifier keeps the humidity at a healthy level in a moisture-deprived home.

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Why Your Home Needs a Whole House Humidifier

The ideal humidity level inside your home should be in a range between 35 to 45%. If your home has a humidity percentage below this range, then you should take steps to increase the moisture level of the air. A whole house humidifier can help with this.

Getting a whole house humidifier gives you and your family many benefits. For example, it lessens the risk of you getting sick in the winter because bacteria and viruses will not be able to travel as well in a moisture-filled environment. It minimizes the concentration of dust mites, pollens, and other airborne allergens in the air as well, and therefore helps relieve sinusitis and prevents nose bleeding. It also treats dry skin conditions and alleviates snoring.

There are two types of humidifiers: portable and whole house. The portable humidifier can be moved from one room to another as needed. Whole house humidifiers, on the other hand, are installed as part of your HVAC system controlling moisture throughout your home. These offer convenience over the portable option. They require little to no maintenance whereas portable humidifiers need to be regularly cleaned and constantly refilled with water.

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A low humidity level inside the home is the ideal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria to thrive. It also makes your family susceptible to colds, allergy attacks, and respiratory illness. Having a whole house humidifier installed in your home will remedy these health concerns as well as help keep you more comfortable in the winter.

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